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Success - fully qualified

Success – fully qualified

We are an independent driving school currently covering: Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Powys. We have a high level of expertise and over three decades of working experience, offering:

  • Driving Instructor Training
  • Corporate and Fleet Driver Training
  • Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I) Development
  • Leaner Driver Tuition Automatic / Manual

You can become a driving instructor with Go Driving, you’ll receiveour full attention throughout every stage of your training. When you qualify we guarantee  a position with a driving school or we will help and support you in starting your own driving school.




Very professional, friendly and patient

“A big thank you to Andy! I decided to train to become a driving instructor last year, having passed part 1 I thought I would need some professional help to give me a chance of passing part 2 and 3. I was discussing this with my day Alan, who has been in the industry for 37 years and he recommended Andy at Go Driving. I phoned Andy to discuss what he could offer me and his approach was very professional so I decided to take him up on his offer. My part 2 and part 3 training was very enjoyable, Andy was very professional, friendly and patient and he motivated me to achieve my goals. I passed part 2 in February this year and I passed part 3 in May this year. I cannot thank Andy enough for getting me through Part 2 and 3, he is a credit to the driving training industry. Anybody out there who is thinking of training to become a driving instructor should contact Andy, you won’t be disappointed.

Once again a big thank you to you Andy.”



Best decision I ever made

“When I started to look into becoming a driving instructor I phoned a few numbers, Andy’s was one of them. I then waited a while after I had spoke to them to make my mind up, the only one that didn’t pester me was Andy so that sort of made my mind up. I then phoned him and he arranged to come to the house to talk it through with me. On first meeting Andy he seemed a friendly, welcoming person, we spoke for a few hours when I stopped asking questions. Andy then left and gave me lots of time to think about it never bothering me on my decision. When I decided it was the best one I have ever made, Andy was patient, understanding, always keeping my spirits up even when it was difficult for me. He was there at the end of phone any time when I needed him. I feel that I was one of his biggest challenges and his patience held through out my training.   

Thankyou Andy.”

Cora Brown – Go Driving Instructor (Powys)


Very professional and incredibly patient

“Initially I didn’t know Andy and having seen a national company repeatedly advertising  on television I paid them a lot of money to train me. Once the money was received they appeared to completely lose interest in me.

Fortunately I met Andy, who I found very professional and incredibly patient, without his continual help I would not have passed my part 3 test and become a driving instructor.

Having become an Advanced Driving Instructor several years ago I still appreciate the support and on going training that Andy continues to give me.”

Jo Jennings – Go Driving Instructor (Herefordshire)


1st Class

“At the moment you would be in the position that I’ve been in: trying to find the right instructor to teach and help you pass all 3 exams. If you’re reading on then you’ve found Go-Driving. So you do not need to look any further. Not only have I worked with and been taught by different instructors, I still find now; that Go-Driving’s teaching methods are 1st class, and I would strongly recommend that you choose Go-Driving”

Derek Boggis – AquaDrive S.O.M (Worestershire)


Extremely professional teaching

“Andy’s quality of teaching is extremely professional. Talking to other recently qualified instructors and those trying to qualify, I realise how fortunate instructors and those trying to qualify, I realise how fortunate I was to be taught by him. Andy’s motivation is clearly to help people to become successful driving instructors.”

David Ward-4Ward S.O.M. (Berkshire)


Personal approach

“I chose Andy because of his personal approach. There are many schools available but the majority seemed to me to have a conveyor belt attitude towards pupils, with little personal commitment to the individual.

I am well into my third successful year as Zebra School of motoring, I have and will continue to recommend Go-Driving to anyone thinking of a rewarding career as a Driving Instructor.”

Teresa Russell – Zebra S.O.M. (S. Herefordshire)


Structured and detailed program

“The training followed a structured and detailed program, yet was conducted in a relaxing atmosphere with encouragement and on-going support throughout I passed all three parts and I felt I received value for money.”

Malcolm Ternouth S.O.M (N.Herefordshire)


Well structured and preparing for fututure

“After visiting several different companies it was refreshing to meet Andy who explained the course options without the ‘big-sell’/ The course was well-structured preparing me both for the test and the long term, in this industry.”

John Vine-Long Mynd S.O.M (Shropshire)


Enjoyable and fun

“Although I found training to become a Driving Instructor demanding and intense, my trainer Andrew Lloyd, made the course enjoyable and fun”

Helen Sutton S.O.M (Hereford)

Driving lessons in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Powys.