“Just like to say a big thanks to Byron & Go Driving. 1st attempt. NO MINORS. After 1 week of lessons and couldn’t of passed the theory 1st time without the help. Thanks again”


Go Driving are fantastic

“Go Driving are fantastic. Andy is a patient, natural teacher who I felt completely at ease with. Extremely focused lessons. Go to Go Driving, you won’t regret it!”



Passed first time!

“Fantastic! I initially began having lessons with another driving school but after three failed tested I wanted to change. My friend was going with Go Driving so I wanted to give it a try. I had lessons with Andrew who fitted me in when I was home from University which made it easier and less stressful on myself. Andrew helped me to build up my confidence which I had never had, this meant that when I went to test I was able to remain calm and I passed first time with Go Driving. Their approach to lessons is different to past experience and it really helped me to become a safer, more aware and a better driver. I couldn’t recommend Go Driving highly enough!!”



Thanks again for everything

“I don’t normally fill out these comment sections but nor do I often encounter such a professional service. Andy put us at ease instantly. He was able instruct to our individual needs to ensure we both learnt what was needed. The whole course was, from start to finish, friendly, flexable and informative. I cannot think of any way in which the experience could have been improve for me.
Thanks again on a great job well done.

Best wishes for the future”



Government proposes 80MPH motorway speed limit

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has announced his intention to consult on raising the national speed limit on motorways from 70 to 80 miles per hour. The government plans to launch a full public consultation on the issue later this year with a view to implementing any change in early 2013.

More information from the Department for Transport website


Autumn hazards

The dangers of snow and ice in the winter are obvious as is the need to take extra care, but what about the autumn?

There are a number of things to conside this time of year which can make driving really tricky, so here are a few hints and tips.

Low sun

The sun is still  bright and can be really dazzling when setting. Keep your screen clear and clean inside and out, use the car’s visor and keep sunglasses handy.

Puddles and lying water

Sudden heavy rain can leave puddles in unexpected places. Fallen leaves easily block drains preventing water draining away. Driving in to deep water too quickly can easily lead to loss of control. Potholes can be hidden by innocent looking puddles so avoid them if safe to do so, or go through very slowly.

Leaves on the road

It’s just a fact of life, autumn means lots of fallen leaves! They can obscure road markings, make the verges and kerbs hard to define and make braking more hazardous as they form a slippery layer on the road when wet. If there are trees, there will be leaves, so take more care on tree lined roads.


Autumn (and spring) can have sudden variations in the weather, storms and high winds appearing suddenly. It’s not only the obvious vulnerable road users (high sided vans and trucks, caravans, bikes) that may veer from side to side in high winds, ordinary cars can be caught by sudden gusts. When you overtake something slow and large in windy conditions, you may experience strong side-force from the wind when you emerge from the shelter of the large vehicle. Open roads, bridges and exposed motorways need especial care in these conditions.


Solid dry verges in the summer can turn to soft wet areas in the autumn. On rural roads especially verges can also have gulleys cut to run water off the road, and driving into one of those can easily get your car stuck or even damaged.

Whether it’s your first autumn on the road or you are an experienced driver, remember to observe thoroughly, plan ahead and take account of the changing road conditions.


Crackdown on uninsured driving gets underway

New laws to tackle uninsured driving will be enforced from today.

Under the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement law it’s an offence to be the keeper of an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured.

From today, registered keepers identified as having an uninsured vehicle will be sent a letter telling them that their vehicle appears to be uninsured, and warning them of the consequences if they fail to take action. Those who don’t act on this warning – either by taking out insurance or declaring their vehicle off the road – will receive a £100 fine and could have their vehicle clamped, seized and destroyed. They may also face a court prosecution.

All drivers can check their vehicle is recorded correctly for free at askMID.com

Under the new system:

  • DVLA will work in partnership with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to identify uninsured vehicles
  • motorists will receive a letter telling them that their vehicle appears to be uninsured and warning them that they will be fined unless they take action
  • if the keeper fails to insure the vehicle they will be given a £100 fine
  • if the vehicle remains uninsured – regardless of whether the fine is paid – further action will be taken. If the vehicle is on public land it could then be clamped, seized and destroyed; alternatively court action could be taken, with the offender facing a fine of up to £1,000
  • seized vehicles would only be released when the keeper provided evidence that the registered keeper is no longer committing the offence of having no insurance and the person proposing to drive the vehicle away is insured to do so

Vehicles with a valid Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) won’t be required to be insured.

For more details, visit direct.gov.uk/stayinsured



First Time Pass – Just One Driving Fault!

Hi Anne

I found the Go Driving driving tuition that was given by John Richards was a very good experience that was carried out in the correct way in relation with the learners ability. From this tuition I passed confidently first time with only one minor fault.

James Lewis, Hereford


I learnt so much about not only driving with a trailer

Andy, I thought the way you came about when I first met you and the way you went about your training was excellent the information you gave me was brilliant and I learnt so much about not only driving with a trailer but driving in general.I think the company go driving is fantastic, I felt so comfortable the way I was treated even though I failed my first attempt the second test I took I felt quite calm &quietly confident in my ability to drive with car &trailer.

Thanks again Andy for all your help and patience

Best wishes
Ben. Crompton
Hillandale caravans.


Couldn’t believe how quickly I was driving

I decided to have lessons with Go Driving as my girlfriend had used them in Llandrindod Wells and had nothing but good things to say about them.

I started taking lessons in Hereford with Paula and couldn’t believe how quickly I was driving. Within 15 minutes of my first lesson I was driving around quiet back streets and withink another hour I was out on the main road A bit nerve-wracking at first admittedly but I never felt the lessons were being rushed ahead of my capabilities.

Paula was great at identifying the weak areas in my driving as the lessons progressed an made sure every base was covered before going to test. That I felt confident in the test and passed first time is a testament to what a great job she did.

I cannot recommend Go Driving highly enough.

Edd Tipton

Driving lessons in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Powys.