I want to tow a trailer or caravan with my car – what do I need to do?

Just check your driving licence!

If you passed your test before 1 st January 1997, until your licence expires, you can tow:

  • A vehicle & trailer combination [8.25 tonnes maximum authorised mass (M.A.M.)]
  • A minibus & trailer not over 750k.g.s M.A.M.

This will be shown on your driving licence as class B+E.

If you’ve never towed a trailer or caravan before, and would like some help and advice on getting started, just give us a ring on 0800 043 0639, and we can arrange an assessment lesson for you.

I passed my test on/after 1 st January 1997 – what can I tow?

  • Vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes M.A.M. & trailer up to 750k.g.s.
  • Vehicle & trailer combination up to 3.5 tonnes M.A.M (where trailer M.A.M is less than unladen mass of towing vehicle)

If your trailer/caravan & vehicle are heavier than this, you need to take the B+E test.

What does M.A.M. mean?

M.A.M. = maximum authorised mass =  total weight of the vehicle + the maximum load it can carry.

Trailer training

Trailer training

Car & Trailer (B+E) Practical Driving Test

  • Based on LGV test – runs at bus and lorry driving test centres
  • Lasts one hour fifteen minutes.


  • Vehicle safety questions
  • Off-road reverse manoeuvre
  • A controlled stop
  • Uncoupling & coupling of trailer
  • Driving on the road

Why choose Go Towing for B+E?

  • We will provide the vehicle and trailer (both meeting correct specifications for your test)
  • All our trainers are fully qualified & experienced D.S.A. Approved Driving Instructors (A.D.I.)
  • Have many years of teaching and towing trailers

How much training will I need?

Your training will be based on your towing experience to date.  Courses normally run on consecutive days, but can be arranged around your current commitments if this is not possible.

We recommend the following.

I’ve never towed a trailer or caravan!

  • 4 day course with test on the last day

I’ve had some towing experience

  • 3 day course with test on the last day

I’ve got lots of towing experience and regularly tow

  • 2 day course with test on the last day

I would like some training to tow a trailer or caravan but I don’t need a test.

  • 2 hours or more as appropriate

How much will it cost?

Please note: for weekday evening and weekend tests, an additional £20.00 will be added.

Course length
1 Test fee included
Price (£)
2 hours
2 days
3 days
4 days

If you’re not sure which course you need, get in touch.  We can arrange a short assessment lesson to look at your towing.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or wish to arrange an assessment lesson,

 just give us a ring on 0800 043 0639.