Before you can book your Practical driving test you need to of passed your Theory Test.

The Theory test is made up of 2 parts; Multiple choice where you will be asked 50 questions and a Hazard Perception test where you will watch and respond to hazards in 14 clips.

In order to PASS you need to pass BOTH parts by scoring at least 43/50 on the Multiple choice and 44/75 on the Hazard Perception. As long as you have your provisional licence you can take the theory test, although we recommend having had some driving lessons first as this will help you learn the content.

Unsure of how to learn your driving theory? Need some Theory learning support?

Well, at Go Driving Hereford we offer 1-2-1 Theory Tuition to help boost your confidence and get you through your theory test. Whether you need studying tips or materials, Hazard Perception practice or just need a learning mentor. We are here to help you pass your theory to accelerate to your Practical Test.