We recommend an assessment lesson, before you start your driving course, so we can look at:

  • Your current standard of driving &
  • Your ability to follow instruction.

From the assessment lesson, your Go Driving instructor will be able to tell
you how many lessons you need so that:

  • Your driving course is tailored specifically for you
  • You don’t pay for more lessons than you actually need!

As a guide:

Level of Experience: Our Recommendation:
Just failed a test 10 hours
Highly competent 10 hours
Confident & good control of basics 20 hours
Confident learner with little/no experience 30 hours
Less confident with little/no experience 40 hours

We recommend 2 hour lessons as standard & a break every 2 hours.

All lessons are structured, and follow the D.S.A. syllabus to maximise your progress.

Intensive course

Intensive course