Why choose us?

Our lessons are structured and tailored to your individual needs to maximise your progress!

All Go Driving Instructors deliver:

  • Full hour lessons (60, 90 and 120 minutes)
  • Structured lesson
  • Free theory tuition & mock theory tests
  • Free hazard perception tuition
  • Door-to-door service
  • One-to-one tuition

Why have 2 hour lessons?

Learning 2 hours at a time means fewer hours in total before you pass! You’ve time to settle in, and we can do almost three times as much!

Better value, better learning, more fun!

What you won’t get!

  • Piggy-backing
  • Cheap gimmicks
  • Shortened lessons
  • Wasting your time or money!
  • Tears
  • Shouting

What is ‘piggy backing?’

This means you finish your lesson at the next pupil’s pick-up point, and they drive you home (or vice versa). Frowned upon by the Driving Standards Agency (D.S.A.), it normally means you’re not getting structured lessons, and can be very off-putting!

Professional Instructors never do this!

Our Instructors finish lessons by making their own notes on your progress/topics covered, and read them back to you for your feedback.